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    Great ideas
    Realised before you say FlowUp
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    Custom software
    Save time and let the computer work instead of you
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    Turnkey web
    We take care of everything connected to your web presentation.

We create modern digital solutions with emphasis on the details

We are not just a group of designers, developers and project managers. The digital world is not work for us – it's a pleasure and a passion. We are FLOW+UP. No challenge is too big and no detail too small.

Our offer

We make your dreams come true. At least those in the online world.


We come up with new and innovative projects that make your life and work simpler. Thus we offer our ideas above all.

App Development

We create software right for your needs. Don't waste time with work that a computer can do.

Outsourcing IT

Do you have problem with deadlines? Nevermind! We will take care of software development.

Turnkey web

We are not only a group of designers. We create practical business tools with emphasis on simple control.


City Ideas - Where cities meet ideas

Write representatives your concerns. Come up with a solution to the problem. Share it with fellow citizens. Make your city better by joint efforts. City Ideas is an application which combines advantages of modern local government and great ideas of citizens.

Simple control

City Ideas service is a tool for managing city projects with simple interface. A few clicks and you can take part in running of the city.

Express your opinion

Do not keep your ideas about improvement of your surroundings to yourself. Not even the broken park bench is going to repair itself if no one knows about it.

Communicate with the local government

Notify authorities quickly and effectively about what bugs you in the city. You can propose a solution as well or watch City Hall’s course of actions.

Become a part of community

Join the community which takes care of city’s challenges. Change your city together with other people and create a more pleasant place for life.

Did you get interested in our services and projects?

That’s us!

We believe that everything is possible. And that impossible takes a little more time. We will surely meet your expectations.

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Albert Uchytil
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Peter Malina
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Vojtech Mašek
Head developer

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Every cooperation is a great experience for us. We are pleased when out partners see it the same way.

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