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Development of cloud-native applications, migration to Cloud, integration or optimization of your solution. That's what we do the best!

We're an official Google Cloud Partner

What does that mean?

  • that means we're officially certified by Google to provide assistance and support for the Google products like Google Cloud Platform, G Suite and others

  • that we are the ones to choose as your partner for migration to Cloud, G Suite or cloud-native software development

We're an official Google Cloud Partner.
We're an official Google Cloud Partner.

What Cloud services do we provide?

Migration to Cloud

→ we'll migrate your project to Cloud, → integrate Cloud functions into it → and optimize it → to save you both time and costs → so your project will become cloud-native → we use Google Cloud Platform (GCP) → and Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Cloud-native software

→ we'll develop you project in Cloud → including the whole architecture → using agile development and innovative technologies → from the first line of code → through the delivery and release of the project into production → to the following support & help → and maybe further cooperation..?

Coaching & audit

→ we'll coach your team → or provide you an audit of your Cloud solution, → then organize workshops led by our certified Cloud Engineers for you → leading to optimization of your infrastructure and reducing the costs → and also provide you consulting & training anytime after that

Benefits of the Cloud

You can read more about the benefits of the Cloud solutions with a focus on their easy scalability in the article by our Cloud Engineer Radovan Bartánus below.

Migration to Cloud

To achieve a really cloud-native software, the process of migrating your project to Cloud does not end with the migration itself. In fact, becoming cloud-native consists of three essential stages.

1) Migration

→ we'll prepare your project for migration → then we migrate it to Cloud

2) Integration

→ we'll connect your project to the functionalities the Cloud offers → and automate it

3) Optimization

→ then we'll optimize the connection to the cloud services and the processes there → which will lead to saving you both time and costs

Which Cloud providers do we work with?

Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

g cloud → GCP is provided by Google.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

aws logo → AWS is provided by Amazon.

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