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Complete development of your technological solution, that's what we do! We'll provide you with a team of highly skilled developers, technological expertise and domain knowledge of various fields.

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Our services? Software with flow


Web applications

Complete or partial web app development → front-end in Angular, back-end in GoLang. We use modern technologies to deliver high-quality and reliable products.

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Mobile friendly

Progressive Web Apps, or PWA for short, are reliable, fast and engaging applications that offer the same UX as native apps. Simply put, it's a win-win.


Cloud-based solutions

Cloud technology enables app scaling according to your preferences. The whole infrastructure is modern and accessible 24/7. We mainly use Google Cloud Platform, which offers high performance, reliability and all of the implementation tools.

Consulting & coaching

Need some advice? We can help! We provide full consulting services in the fields of web development, cloud service, scaling or modernizing your tech solution. You can take advantage of our expertise during the development process or in the form of an independent analysis.

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Cooperation features

Development flow

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In-depth analysis

Each solution starts with a careful analysis and specification of the mission and the vision. This gives us a deep understanding of the project and implementation details, which enables us to deliver a product that is ready for the market and your end-users.

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Agile approach

Project requirements constantly evolve, therefore we have an agile approach to development. Delivery consists of fast iterations (sprints), during which we can concentrate on solving problems that are currently of a higher priority.

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Long-term cooperation

Delivery does not mean the end of the story to us. Our clients' progress means our progress, too. We'll take care of your solution even after the development is finished. If want us to, of course.


Establishing the cooperation
according to your needs

Agile development enables us to maximize the value we deliver. As our customer, you become a part of the team and we'll adapt our communication style to your preferences.
Agile development

A dedicated team is prepared to react to your requests and priorities. Development takes the form of short intervals (sprints), thanks to which we're able to observe and direct the project's growth.

Shared value

Analysis helps us specify the implementation details. It defines the direction in which your project should head, and makes its completion more efficient. We always work with a roadmap, which highlights the priorities and due dates of each phase.

Tech stack

We believe in
cutting-edge technology

Quality, efficiency, speed and innovation. This is what we demand from our technologies.

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