Cloud-native solutions & migration to cloud

Migration to cloud, modernization of your infrastructure or development of your project from scratch? No problem for us! We’ll take care of your project from its first line to its launch in the cloud and thanks to the agile approach you'll stay informed about every step.

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Our services? Cloud, development and cloud again.


Agile development

We develop modern software in the cloud. Thanks to the agile approach based on work in the short intervals (sprints) you're constantly informed about the progress of the project and also able to change its priorities. You'll find more about which modern technologies we use and why in the Technologies section.

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Migration to cloud

Cloud-native, hybrid cloud or multi-cloud solutions. We'll shift your application from on-premise to cloud exactly according to your preferences. That means your data will be safe, you'll pay only the computing power that you really use and your system will be approachable from all over the world. → Why cloud?

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G Suite

Looking for a suitable environment for your company communication and modernization of the processes? Discover G Suite with us! We'll take care of the whole process of transition your employees’ training and migration of your domain. Thanks to G Suite, you’ll have the tools for your company communication, planning, storage and management of your documents.

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Consulting & coaching

Need some advice? We can help! We provide you with full consulting services in the fields of web development, cloud services, migration to cloud, scaling or modernization of your tech solution. Do not hesitate and make an appointment with us! After all, there is no shame in not knowing - the shame lies in not finding out.

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We're an official Google Cloud Partner since 2019

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Why cloud?

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Reduces costs & saves time

You don’t need an external company for management of your data center. Cloud automatically takes care of your infrastructure and you always pay only the computing power you really use.

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It develops instead of you

Do not reinvent the wheel. Instead of manual implementation of each basic component, you can easily use those already existing and prepared in the cloud. You’ll, again, save both time and money.

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It's modern and secure

Cloud moves with the times. No one will unplug it and it won't burn down. It's fast, reliable, IT secure, accessible from all over the world, effective and automated. It scales automatically and manages itself. It's just the right thing for you.

Why us?

We're innovative, current
& reliable

We're certified professionals on development and cloud, and we always share our skill through consulting and conferences. We're good at what we do, and we love our work.

We use an agile approach

Agile approach means continuous contact with the customer and working in the short intervals with regular reviews. That means you always know what's currently happening on the project, and you're also able to change the priorities of its progress.

Shared value

We're a certified Google Cloud Partner, our CTO is a Google Developer Expert for Cloud, and the number of our Google-certified people constantly grows. In 2019, we've presented our experience at more than 50 technology-related events and we're partially their organizers as well. And, of course, we're developing the best projects.

Tech stack

We believe in
innovative technology

Our technologies are effective, reliable, fast and modern. You’ll find more about them and the reasons why we’ve chosen them in our Tech Stack.

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