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Tech stack

Our technologies are effective, reliable, sustainable and modern.
You’ll find more about them and the reasons why we’ve chosen them in the Technologies section.

You choose

The technological skill of our team is “our preciousss”. We'll provide you with a high standard of technological expertise and recommend you, what's the best for your project. However, the final decision is always up to you.

Google Cloud

GCP is a package of cloud services, which Google itself uses to host Google Search or YouTube. It offers us data storage, as well as tools for management, analysis, Machine Learning and a lot more. The biggest advantages of this platform are its global reach, high performance, reliability, IT security and easy automation.


Angular is a tool for developing web, desktop and mobile apps. We've been using it since its alpha version, and it's our #1 front-end tool.

We organize Angular meetups

ngBeer learn more


GoLang is a back-end programming language released by Google in 2009. It enables fast development, while solving shortcomings of its predecessors. It is said to be the programming language of the future.

We organize GoLang meetups

GoLang meetup learn more
Google Cloud

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Visit our Stackshare, there's a lot more to check!

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Send us your message! Contact us using this form and we'll answer you via e-mail ASAP. If you leave us your number in the message, we'll call you back. In case you need anything right now, call us on +420 601 212 301 (Kristýna Šuráňová, marketing) or +420 725 136 856 (Albert Uchytil, CEO). Looking forward to hearing from you!

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