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Data is the alpha and omega of a successful company. They store the strategy, all the information and know-how behind years of hard work. For this reason, every company should guard its data like a hawk, perhaps even more cautiously. On the other hand, although the new technologies and tools, such as Google Workspace, raise some concerns and are worth verifying, there is no need to stick to old practices at all costs.

Privacy is paramount in the Google Workspace environment - for you as a customer, for us as a provider, and for Google as a creator of new tools. Every day, we encounter misconceptions of customers who are afraid that as distributors of the service we can see their data, or worse, we are able to interfere with them. That's why we decided to simply disprove this myth and explain how your data and the reseller's approach to it actually work.

Does a Google Workspace distributor have access to our business data?

Short answer: No.

Long answer: As distributors (resellers) of Google Workspace, we can have access to your admin console, but only if you pass this access to us after migrating to Workspace with us. First, we will send you a transfer token. You enter it into your admin console and then generate your own transition code, which you then send back to us and confirm your transition to us. Thanks to this, you will get the benefits associated with purchasing from us. Until recently, this step gave us access to your admin console by default, but today, the situation is different. After switching to us, you will decide whether sharing your admin console with us makes sense for you. If you grant us administration rights, we will see your user management, user group management, or, for example, the management of additional services. We can add and delete users at your request, create user groups and give them certain rights. But we definitely can't access your Drive or any data you have stored anywhere in Workspace via the admin console. It just doesn't work this way. If you later decide to remove this access from us, anyone in your company with administrator rights can do so. The operation is completed in a few seconds.

What's the point of reseller access to my admin console?

Short answer: Essential if you need our help with anything.

Long answer: Besides the fact that we offer Google Workspace for the same price as Google, and we include a few extra services in this price, the partnership has other benefits too. These are directly related to access to your admin console. Google offers the opportunity to share the admin console with distributors for only one reason - we can help you professionally as quickly as possible if needed. But that still means we can only intervene within the administration, not within your documents or files. In our reseller admin console, we can help you with the implementation of additional services, or with a change in the Google Workspace tariff. If, for example, you decide to upgrade from Business Starter to Business Standard, just send us the request and we will arrange everything you need. On the other hand, without your explicit consent, we will not open your admin console at all. In short, the Workspace reseller is the last one you can expect any fraud from. As resellers, we stand by you, there is no danger from us. In order to verify for yourselves that we only access your admin console when we're asked, you can use the audit logging function in the Workspace, which allows you to trace all actions performed not only by the reseller, but also by each member of your Workspace.

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