Google Workspace: new pricing and fixed price rules

In this article, you can read about how does the new pricing list of Google Workspace service look like after 11/4/23, what are the differences between the flexible tariffs and discounted yearly commitment and how exactly the yearly commitment works.

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The online set of tools changed its pricing on 11th April 2023. According to the current pricing list, tariff Business Starter newly costs 6.90 €/user/month (instead of 5.20 €), tariff Business Standard is now available for 13.80 € (used to be 10.40 €) and tariff Business Plus for 20.70 € (used to be 15.60 €).

Yearly commitment is now cheaper

The pricing approach itself is different as well. Newly, you can choose between the flexible tariff that enables you to change the number of licenses in your Google Workspace at any time, and a fixed price tariff, where you fix a certain number of licenses for a lower price, but cannot reduce their number during the fixation.

One-year commitment prices:

Business Starter 5.75 € / user / month (6.90 € without fix)

Business Standard 11.50 € / user / month (13.80 € without fix)

Business Plus 17.25 € / user / month (20.70 € without fix)

How does the commitment work exactly?

In your position as a customer, the commitment guarantees you the given license price for the whole period of the fixation - including licenses newly added anytime during the fix.

On the other hand, your organization commits to a contract for a certain number of licenses for the whole period of the fixation. In other words, if you have 20 licenses in your Workspace organization at the time of the fixation, you will have to be paying 20 licenses (not less) during the whole fixation period. Adding new licenses is not a problem but once you add license number 21, you will have to pay for it until the end of the commitment as well.

Even though you choose a yearly commitment, you can continue on monthly payments for the service. The yearly payment is possible, but it's not mandatory.

A license is not a user

You cannot lower the number of licenses during the commitment, that's correct. But that does not mean you cannot delete user profiles. When an employee leaves your company, you can delete his user profile. When you do that, the fixed license he used to occupy becomes "free" and available for another, new employee. This way, you can "recycle" the old licenses and use them for the new members of the team.

For companies with 10 or fewer users, the new pricing list will take effect in January 2024

Although companies with over 10 users already function on the new pricing list, the smaller organizations can enjoy the old prices until January 2024. Unless they cross the border of 10 users, of course.

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