G Suite is becoming Google Workspace


After four years, another change is coming. The original Google Apps, which were renamed to G Suite in 2016, are awaiting further improvements. Both the name of the package for companies and the logos of individual applications will undergo a rebirth. But don't worry – you won't lose your favorite Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Docs, or more. They'll work as well for you as they do now. Maybe a little better because Google is adding new features. Better connectivity, flexibility, and simplicity. These are the attributes that the new Workspace was labeled with. Google goes towards efficient work and easy communication within teams that became key in 2020. Google also tries to listen more to the specific requirements of companies to satisfy their individual needs such as being able to run all the applications in their own domain. The new environment therefore creates a more complete and unified impression, not only thanks to improved functions but also because of the overall redesign of application icons.

Two categories of Google Workspace: Business and Enterprise

The new Google application packages will be available from January 2021. Small and medium-sized companies with no more than 300 employees will be able to choose from Business Starter, Business Standard, and Business Plus packages. In the second category, which is intended for larger companies, you will find the Enterprise Essentials, Enterprise Standard, and Enterprise Plus packages. These will bring more advanced functions, control, and security. For the time being, the novelty only applies to companies. Non-profit organizations and educational institutions will be switched to the Workspace in the following months. Likewise, the offer for the average user should be changed in the future.

How to migrate from G Suite

If you already use Google applications, you don't have to panic, you won't lose your G Suite. Google will show up the details of migrating to Workspace in the upcoming months, and we'll let you know as soon as possible. In principle, however, you will get improved functions during the transition, for which you won't pay more. Take a look at a few examples:

  • G Suite Basic will essentially be replaced by the Business Starter package. That will, for example, mean you'll be able to use the background blur function during a video conference on Meet.

  • G Suite Business is being transformed into Business Standard. You might like a novelty in the form of moderation or a poll during a video call on Meet. If you decide to upgrade from this package to the higher version of Enterprise Standard, the price will increase by less than a half, however, you will get advanced tools for data control and management.

  • G Suite Enterprise corresponds to the Enterprise Plus package.

We will help you with the new Workspace

Whether you're actively using Google applications or would like to join the 2.6 billion users working with G Suite each month, we're here to help. The transition to a cloud solution is the future that awaits all companies and that's why it doesn't make sense to postpone your start of a really "smart" sharing. Read more about Google applications, for example, in our article, which explains exactly what to expect from G Suite, now from Google Workspace.

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